“We count on the ARROWCLEAN System to clean most all of our vehicles, from buses to garbage trucks, to police cars and sometimes even fire trucks. Having clean vehicles is important for us because it presents a positive image and this system produces a clean that makes our vehicles shine. If you are looking for a solution to clean your fleet vehicles, ARROWCLEAN is hands down the way to go.”

-David Anderson, Adams 12 Five Star Schools

“Man, your system is awesome! Because of budget restraints in the winter, we had to shut our system down for a while. To our complete amazement, when we brought our system back online, we couldn’t believe how clean the trucks were after just the first wash.”

-Dale C, Fleet Shop Manager ~ Everett, Washington

“After a thorough investigation of vehicle wash systems, we preferred Red Arrow’s ARROWCLEAN wash system. I’ve never seen vehicles enter completely filthy and exit sparkling clean as ours do now. It’s all automatic, so we save labor costs of hand washing that other systems require.” “With the eyes of the world upon us, presenting a clean image of Park City reflected by clean vehicles is a high priority for us. We have accomplished this now with our new Red Arrow wash system.”

-David Middleton, Fleet Manager for Park City, Utah

“We have been using an ARROWCLEAN wash system and Red Arrow soap to wash our trucks for over 12 years. Our trucks always look great, our drivers are happy, and other drivers want to drive for us. Kelly and his crew really know what they are doing and their products are the best in the business.”

-Tony Taddonio, Mile Hi Foods

“I was first introduced to Red Arrow detergents and equipment circa 1997. We work with and market their cleaning solutions to this day because they offer the most consistent and effective cleaning power on the market. After 20 years of personally experiencing the benefits of these products, we have great confidence in delivering them to our clients, and they agree that Red Arrow products not only meet their particular cleaning demands but far exceed their expectations. Red Arrow, like Innovative Equipment, remains committed to maintaining the highest standard of excellence, a standard to which all others must rise.”

-Todd Farenholtz, Innovative Equipment, Reno Nevada